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Metal Buildings for Storage - Work Space Needs

Dec 31, 2015
Do you need more storage space for power tools and landscaping equipment? A place to keep your cars and trucks out of the sun and rain? Read More

Proper Height for Your Structure

Jul 10, 2013
When determining the required height for your building it is important to know what the nominal dimensions mean in the building size description. Read More

Adding to an Existing Structure

Jun 6, 2013
A lot of customers ask us if their carports, garages or barns can be added onto after install.  Or if walls and doors can be added. The answer is...absolutely yes!   Read More

How is my Carport or Garage Anchored?

May 14, 2013
If the building is going on the ground or dirt, for non-certified units, 32" long rebar anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail. Read More