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Steel is arguably the most sustainable of the major structural materials. It has numerous sustainability benefits, which are guaranteed to be realised whenever steel is used. They include: low waste, flexibility, offsite manufacture, speed, resource efficiency, adaptability, demountability, long lasting appeal, safety, reusability and recyclability. These inherent characteristics result in many social, environmental and economic benefits to satisfy sustainability's ‘triple bottom line'.

Steel is a fast, safe construction material. Reduced time on site means lower costs, quicker returns and less disruption to the local community. Steel is manufactured offsite in a safe, factory environment and arrives on site when needed, making it predictable with no unpleasant surprises. There is no site waste and any waste that is generated earlier in the process is easily returned to the steel supply chain. Steel treads lightly on the ground. It has high strength to weight ratio and is resource efficient. Fewer deliveries mean reduced emissions.

Over 500 million tons of steel are multi-cycled worldwide each year - equivalent to 180 Eiffel Towers every day. The recovery rates are high. Research shows that 99% of structural steel arising from demolition sites in the UK is recycled or re-used. There is a conservative estimate that over 80% of all steel scrap that becomes available each year is captured and recycled. This figure increases in poorer economies where the relative value of steel is higher.

At Choice Metal Buildings we offer an extended inventory of steel buildings. Let us be a part of your project and we can save you time and money while protecting the environment.