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Installation info

At Choice Metal Buildings, we understand that there is a lot of different information out there in the market regarding the type of foundation required to properly secure your metal building. That is to be expected given the variety of materials offered. With that said we believe our methods are simple and easy to follow. Although we cannot assist you with securing permits, gaining approval, measuring your area or leveling your land; it is important that you know we can most certainly help you along the way.

Making sure your site is level is a very important first step in the building process. In most cases for carports or barns the building is anchoring directly to the ground (gravel, dirt, grass) using Mobile Home type Auger anchors. Small modifications can be made at the time of installation as well as medium to big modification for a nominal fee but to be safe and avoid extra time and cost make sure you are level within a 3-5 inches. For Garages, Storage buildings, warehouses, and sheds concrete or asphalt is more widely used. Concrete or Asphalt is usually recommended to pour to the exact width of the building or up to ¾” wider. For the length it will be 1 foot shorter than the size you are ordering. Reason being is the “length” of the structure is referring to the roof length and not the frame length. For example a 20 x 21 buildings actual frame size is 20 x 20. For concrete pads and asphalt we use concrete anchor bolts or asphalt rebar.

At Choice Metal Buildings we will always be available to answer all of your questions and our concerns and we look forward to being a part of your project.